Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Some People"

Isn't it strange some people make
You feel so tired inside,
Your thoughts begin to shrivel up
Like leaves all brown and dried!

But when you're with some others ones,
It's stranger still to find
Your thought are thick as fireflies
All shiny in your mind!

- Rachel Field

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ten Commandment Song

I meant to post this over here instead of CGoG....

We are using this in Sunday School. It does seem confusing for kids on the 7th &8th Commandments, but its a start!

The Ten Commandments Song
First, I must honor God,
Second, honor His Name,
Third, on His day be holy, this will be my aim.
Fourth, I must be obedient,
Fifth, be kind and true,
Sixth, be pure in all I say and see and hear and do.
Seventh, I must be honest
Eighth, be truthful in all things I say
Ninth, be pure in mind and heart and all I think and desire each day.
Tenth, I must be satisfied, not be jealous come what may
These are God's Ten Commandments,
These I must obey.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday poem

School is over,
Oh, what fun!
Lessons finished,
Play begun.
Who'll run fastest,
You or I?
Who'll laugh loudest?
Let us try.

- Kate Greenaway.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lessons From Little House

We are reading the Little House series again - third time through. First time, my oldest loved it. "Keep reading! Keep reading!" he would plead. My daughter would half listen in and out while running around. When it came her turn years later: oh, she hated it. I don't know if it was the sound of my voice, but she went through a time she did not want me to read anything to her. She is an avid reader, so I didn't worry, but I missed the time we should have together snuggled on the couch reading. My oldest once told me in response to a question of how he knew I loved him, "because you read to me!"

These next two kids love it. I get to hear "keep reading" all over again. I forgot how educational Little House is. We have had so many spin off conversations, inspiring going off on rabbit trails mirroring Laura's enthusiasm.

It does get me day dreaming about what joy a simple life would be in a one room cabin.

Ma had always been my hero in the past readings with her strength and homemaking abilities. But, Pa! He is my hero this time. I know adventurer Americans had to be "Jack of all trades" - but Pa, he knew everything! While recovering from malaria, he built a comfortable rocking chair. Ma thought the simple furnishings were almost sinful. He built strong houses, was successful at hunting any game, fought bees for honey, collected maple syrup, tanned hides, and more...! He is quite the role model and I wonder how many other men of his day were "real" men like Pa. I am willing to bet many were.

There aren't as many skilled in one trade today, much less able to do all that Pa did.  I grew up with one - my dad is quite the master of many things outside his engineering profession and golf hobby. He is an artist, a woodworker, mechanic able to change to oil  and more. Since my mother like to have things done her way - dad is usually the best to understand how she wants it done. I am amazed at how much he could do! I am blessed to have married one, too. While dating, to spend as much time together as possible, I would hang around and keep him company with his mechanical duties: bleeding the brakes just to spend time with him while he worked on cars. I was truly in love! I am amazed at his skills around the house from plumbing, carpentry, electrical including building a schoolroom for me ( more than once), all in addition to his "9-5".

The one thing about Little House I really plan to take away from this reading - is the love between Pa and Ma and the love of Pa to and from the kids. It didn't strike me as deeply before. Of course, if Pa died, their very lives were at risk. When he went off hunting or to town, they waited in frozen anticipation. But it was deeper than dependance. The time they spent together bonded them deeper than most other family life situations.

When my husband comes home, the youngest three run to greet him with a happy welcome and we (usually) try to have the house freshly cleaned for his return. They don't have to exhale relief that he made it home alive. He may not be braving the woods with fierce panthers over head and warring Indians between him and home in the creek bottoms, and risking malaria by eating watermelons (loved that!). But he is facing dangers out there in the world and is as much a hero as Pa was.We should make his welcome bigger, warmer, more enthusiastic.The dangers and risks are much more subtle, but they are there. Prayer is the best weapon for him to take with him.

Looking forward to what will inspire us the next time through.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Nature Journaling entries

We worked some on our nature journals. We started a couple of weeks ago- I mentioned it here