Saturday, October 18, 2014

Brain Glitches and Dyslexia Exercises

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As a homeschooling mother the hardest aspect has been working with learning stops. Complete stops in progress. Walls we hit with hard days needing to repeat everything we did the day, week before.

Working with a child with Auditory processing and dyslexia has stopped the flow of our school routine many times. With two of my students with this learning block, I have been trying to find exercises and activities to add to our routine  to help awaken the brain for each day of school and days off. I do preface with my kids that this special time is therapy, not our normal curriculum, which has to be done as well. Not always easy to add to an already challenging school load. 

I came across a book  Brain Integration Therapy Manual by Dianne Craft with brain exercises to awaken the brain and speed up the interaction between the two sides of the brain. I have started working with these ideas and suggestions. I am very excited to have exercises to start up the brain and get moving at the beginning of our days.

I came across these videos which summarize much of the need for the exercises and how to in the book.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I am adding some worksheets to awaken their brain along with the exercises.

We are adding fish oil supplements and encouraging them to drink more water.

We also enjoy brain games on the iPad especially.  Lumosity.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Children's Books Online

Living in a temporary location, with our library in storage, has us missing our books. We have had some luck finding books to read online:

1. Public Library - books online. Harris County has some free, some for members.

2. Reading Rainbow Virtual Library App
Free books and monthly and annual membership bring library to your ipad.

So happy to find  all these books online here

including Potter books

An incredible collection of books found here. Many of these are back in print. Save some money, and read online.

This site had so many out of print books including  Lucy Titch Perkins books, James Baldwin books and Lang's  Fairy Tales.

Another favorite: My Fathers Dragon - free on Kindle

Also on kindle for free: The.Night before Christmas and other stories